In the market for a great skimboard?

Or perhaps you’d like to get yourself some lead-free fishing lures?

I’m your guy.

I make flatland skimboards.

I also make lead-free fishing lures (bucktail jig heads and hairless jig heads) that work as well as lead-based lures.

Who am I?

My name’s Jansie.

I live in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. (If you surf, you’re drooling all over your screen now.)

When I’m not shaping skimboards, I write long product reviews and sales copy for various folks.

Jeffreys Bay is one of the world’s greatest surf destinations, with a right-hand point break that draws the best surfers from across the globe like blood draws a great white.

I’d say it’s the perfect place for skimboarding, but any place is perfect for skimboarding if there’s a thin layer of water that doesn’t contain disease or acid.

If you’re looking for a fantastic skimboard, whether you live on the ocean or in the middle of a city, contact me and get yourself a Cuttlefish skimboard.

Or if you’d like fishing lures that are less harmful to the environment AND catch fish, get yourself some Cuttlefish bucktail jig heads.