Fishing lures

Lead-free fishing lures for guilt-free fishing.

Cuttlefish lead-free bucktail jig heads catch all sorts of predators, including kob, garrick and shad.


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Shipping: R150 per 1kg, any destination in South Africa.


Cuttlefish bucktail jig heads come in five colours, all with a white base. You can have them in solid colours too.


Don’t be like those “everybody else is doing it, so I will too” type of fisherman.

Start caring for the environment.

Actually, it’s not even caring. It’s common sense.

If we don’t look after our fishing waters, we won’t have fishing waters to look after any more.

Catch and release is great, but lead is still too pervasive in fishing. Lead is poison.

Cuttlefish lures don’t contain lead.

It looks like lead; it feels like lead; it’s as heavy as lead; there is no lead.

Sharp hooks

Cuttlefish lures come with chemically sharpened hooks.

While this might not seem like an important aspect, you’ll appreciate the difference a sharp hook makes once you lose a big fish due to a bad hookup.

Translucent thread

Cuttlefish bucktails are tied with a translucent thread (monofilament). This allows the colour of the bucktail and the body to stand out.