Want a speedy skimboard with excellent scratch and chip resistance?

You need a Cuttlefish.

Here’s why…

Scratch and chip resistant

Some skimboards come with only a layer of epoxy or varnish for bottom protection.

It’s not long before the bottom starts showing chips and scratches.

The bottom of a Cuttlefish skimboard is covered with a layer of high pressure laminate.

This ensures that the board has a much better scratch and chip resistance than other boards.

You’ll be skimming a Cuttlefish long after you’ve bought it.

No water bending

A popular way to add rocker to a skimboard, is to soak it in water, place weights on it and allowing it to dry.

Once the board is dry, it contains a rocker, or angle of attack, which is crucial for the board to not nosedive.

Soaking a skimboard in water is a terrible idea, since it lets the plywood delaminate.

Water enters the wood and your board swells.

Cuttlefish boards receive their rocker in a high tech mould, ensuring that your board remains laminated and in tact for a long time.

Superior side protection

Some skimboards come with hardly any rail protection, leaving the board open to delamination.

Cuttlefish skimboards come with a triple applied coating, giving you a longer lasting skimboard.

Free wax and bag

Because I like you, I sell every Cuttlefish with a block of wax and a wax bag.

The wax bag is made from unbleached calico and closes with a drawstring, while the Stickalicious wax is specially formulated for Cuttlefish skimboards.

Ocean optional

You don’t need to live on the ocean to enjoy a Cuttlefish skimboard.

With a skimboard and a thin layer of water, you’re set.

Some skimboarders even skim golf courses!

Best African skimboard?

Is Cuttlefish the best skimboard made in Africa?

I’d like to think so.

Contact me to order your Cuttlefish skimboard.