Six reasons to choose skimboarding

I used to surf.

It’s a great sport, but I got lazy and quit.

I started to miss it. I needed to get back into the water.

But I chose skimboarding.

Here’s why…

No crowds

You know those ads selling surfing as the ultimate mellow? Or surf movies that speak of the soul of surfing and it being all zen and what not?

It’s balderdash.

Paddle out at any popular spot (if the locals allow you) and you’ll be greeted by scores of egos competing against yours for a wave.

The whole mellow thing is poppycock.

When you get into skimboarding, you’ll notice a lack of crowds. It’s you, your board and the sand and waves in front of you.

Your favourite skimboarding spot overrun with bathers or aliens?

Move down the beach a bit. Make another favourite skim spot.

No sharks

You remember the famous battle of Supertubes a few years back? It was a humongous conflict between Australian shark whisperer, Mick Fanning, and a great white shark.

Yeah, well, that was kind of a tipping point for me.

When you’re skimming, you’re in shallow water. In fact, most of the time you’re skimming away from sharks, not towards them.

Weather agnostic

When you surf, you’re always waiting for the wind to turn off shore; for a specific swell to come through; for the tide to turn this way or that.

Skimboarding isn’t nearly as finicky.

I’ve skimmed in appalling conditions. OK, it wasn’t all that much fun, but the point is, I could still get my exercise AND enjoy it.

If I paddled out on a surfboard, I’d have HATED it.

Location agnostic

If you live on the ocean, skimboarding might be an obvious choice for you.

But what if you live in the middle of Johannesburg or Cairo?

It doesn’t matter.

In order to skim, you need a skimboard and shallow water.

Some skimmers even skim on wet grass!

It’s cheap

You don’t need all sorts of gear to go skimboarding.

Wetsuit? Optional.

Wax? You get a FREE block with every Cuttlefish you buy.

You don’t need roof racks or a large vehicle either.

Skimboards are small.

Pop one, two or three into your boot or on the back seat and head for the nearest shallow water.

Good exercise

Surfing works your body. It’s a great exercise.

But skimboarding gives you a fantastic workout too, since it requires short bursts of energy.

You run, throw down a board and jump.

And once you get the hang of it, you’re doing flips and what not.

Skimboarding is great for getting your exercise kicks.

In conclusion

Skimboarding is an awesome sport.

It’s a crowd-free, shark-free, exercise-filled fun-fest.

And this applies to flatland and wave skimboarding.

Want a refreshing change?

Try skimboarding.

Make contact and get yourself a Cuttlefish flatland skimboard today.